Gathering times in the Box

Weekend Gatherings will be on Sunday at 9am and 11am
Children's Ministry provided at both gatherings   

If you were not able to attend a Q&A, you can watch the full recording here:

Box Transition FAQ

Q: Why no Saturday Night?
A: Saturday Night originally began due to overflow in our Sunday gatherings. As The Box building provides more space, we can consolidate gatherings. Freeing up Saturday night will also allow us to do more outreach in the community and allow for midweek ministries to host events.

Q: When will Saturday night end?
A: The Saturday Night gathering will end when we move into The Box.

Q: Why not have one Saturday gathering and one Sunday gathering?
A: After assessing current attendance in all gatherings, we determined that one gathering on Sunday would already exceed capacity, specifically in the children’s ministry. However, there is plenty of room in the Sunday gatherings to accommodate the Saturday attendance.

Q: Will we ever have Saturday night again?
A: We are always open to what God might do. If God grew the ministry again and there was a need to have Saturday Night, we would consider it.

Q: Where will midweek gatherings take place?
A: We currently do not know where midweek gatherings will happen as we are waiting to get into The Box to better understand the best use of all buildings. We will have a full roll-out of the midweek schedule in the fall.

Q: When will we move into The Box?
A: Our targeted timeline is to move into The Box in June. This is a moving target based on weather/permits/construction/etc. We will come out with a full-scale plan for a grand opening as soon as possible.

Q: What will the other buildings be used for?
A: The existing buildings will be used for various ministry gatherings.

Q: Will the offices be located in The Box?
A: The plan is for the offices to stay where they are currently located.

Q: How much seating is in The Box?
A: We will be starting with about 800 chairs; however, it can fit up to approximately 1500.

Q: Will we sell the old building?
A: We do not currently have a plan to sell the old building/property/office building. We believe that there will be enough ministry opportunities to continue to fill each building.

Q: Does the new building have a baptismal and what is the plan for baptizing new believers?
A: We will have a mobile baptismal that we will use. The baptismal will be on wheels, be heated, and will be able to be used in many locations including outside of The Box. This was a strategic decision, since we are looking at more outreach opportunities.  

Q: Would we ever go back to an all-church adult Bible midweek study?
A: While there is no current plan to host an all-church adult midweek study, we are always open to the possibility of one as the Lord leads.

Q: Will there be a celebration on the grand opening weekend?
A: Yes, we are planning to have a one-service weekend celebration for the grand opening of The Box.

Q: What is the plan for paying off The Box loan?
A: We will continue to use The Box donations to fund the needs of the building. Once we move, we will change the ‘Box Fund' to a ‘Mortgage Fund’ where people can give directly toward paying off the mortgage.

Q: Where will the children's programs be held? Will there be room in The Box?
A: There will be a secure area located in The Box. Inside the secure area, there are two built-out classrooms, six single-use bathrooms, and plenty of space for large group lessons, worship, games, and small group discussion.

Q: Will there ever be a midweek program for elementary children?
A: The Rock Family Ministry is passionate about the charge we see in Deuteronomy 6 to partner with parents to disciple children. We execute this mission during the midweek through our parenting and children’s ministry community group.

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